10 Sayings For An Energized 2022!

Sarah Deane: Founder MEvolution
7 min readJan 25, 2022

The other day, in an interview, I was asked if I had any mantras or sayings that keep me in a positive frame of mind. The question got me thinking, and so here are some of my favorites that have served me well in the past that I’ll definitely be using in 2022!

1: “Don’t hang yuh cap whey yuh can’t reach”

A classic, from my Guyanese Grandmother, which reminds me to be clear in my choices and what I value. In standard English, the proverb translates to, “don’t hang your hat higher than you can reach”.

To be clear, this phrase is not saying don’t shoot for the stars, moon, or whatever else you dream of achieving. Traditionally, it serves as a caution to not to expend more than you can afford. However, extending the notion of making conscious choices in your spending, I simply use it to remind me to not make decisions based on someone else’s image of success or succumb to any pressure based on what may be seen as the “norm”. Rather, based on a thoughtful choice that follows my own internal compass.

2: “Not everyone will like the best version of you, and that’s ok”

As many, I continuously work on showing up better than I did yesterday. Over time I have learned that, sometimes, as you grow, develop, and even transform, not everyone will like the new versions.

Through our behaviors and responses, people are “trained” in how to treat us. For example, they see what we put up with, how we react, or what we will say yes to. You may have been operating one way for years, even decades. So, when you start making changes that serve your energy, setting boundaries, or even being more confident, others may not like what that means to them or to what they are accustomed.

This phrase, that I often tell people who are on their MEvolutions, reminds me that if that happens, it’s ok. The way I handle this is by maintaining respect for the fact that others may need time to adjust to my new behaviors. They may even need help to understand what it means for me, and them. I also keep in mind that, sometimes, you can outgrow a relationship. As people grow (friends, family, even colleagues or roles at work), you either grow together or grow apart. And, if you grow apart, that’s ok too. It comes down to making decisions that respect each person, their feelings, their choices, and their desired future.

3: “If I can’t say it’s impossible, then the possibility exists”

This one is something I use to remind myself to stay open to the possibilities. Whether it’s to explain someone’s behavior or find a solution, it reminds me that, just because it may not be my version of events or reasonings, it doesn’t mean that it’s not true for someone else.

Now, this is not to say keep cycling in pointless thoughts! It simply reminds me to be intentional in what I think has the highest probability after exploring options and feasibility…where those options are not constrained by my own lens.

4: “Other people don’t define me…neither does the me from the past.”

This one came from a speaking engagement where I was asked about handling judgement from others. It reminds me to be aware of what I am measuring myself against. For me, I measure myself against my values and objectives that align to my growth, progression, and my own definition of success.

When it comes to others’ image of what I should be, or their judgements, I don’t let it create negative thoughts or wasted energy. I also don’t measure myself against myself in a negative way. The, “oh I used to be able to do [x] when I was [y]”. Well, times have changed, life has changed, and I have changed…so that’s hardly a realistic expectation!

5: “Life is about making good choices”

I remember eating a donut when I was younger, and my dad jokingly said, “life is about making good choices”. While he used it jokingly, and treats within reason were certainly not banned, his message has always stayed with me.

I’ve slightly adapted my version to say, “life is about making conscious choices”. That is to say, to make decisions intentionally. A choice may not always be the “good” one, but make it consciously. For example, if I choose to eat some McDonalds…is it a good choice? Clearly not. But, maybe I really felt like it and it would bring me some joy, I had been healthy for a while, and am a generally healthy person. While on the surface it is not a “good choice”, the decision can be made consciously. That means knowing what the choice signifies in the context of my life and accepting responsibility for the choice.

I link this with, “we are the sum total of all of our choices”. I love this, as it reminds me that even if a choice doesn’t turn out as we want, we have the opportunity to make different choices and build a different future.

6: Context is King or Queen

This one leads on nicely from number five. Life is not black and white. Every choice is based on context. What the best choice is for someone in a moment, may not be the best for someone else, depending on who they are, their circumstances and goals.

We can race to the quick fix or hunt for the silver bullet. But, there is no one-size-fits-all because we are all unique beings. We have our own past experiences and ways of seeing the world. In fact, with MEvolution, when we measure people’s human capacity, everyone even has a different combination of what is draining their capacity!

So this one reminds me to always look at the context of a situation and contemplate what it means to my choices and the goals.

7: “Don’t argue, have a conversation with clarity”

An argument rarely serves anyone. While challenging situations can be tough, they can also serve as wonderful moments of growth for all, strengthening bonds, growing relationships, and fostering self-awareness.

When emotions are heated, this phrase reminds me to not feed into the argument, but to take a moment and set the intent of having a conversation. Otherwise, you can focus so much on arguing that you forget to communicate with intention and a view to a positive and productive end. A conversation can quickly become about who is right, how much worse the other person is, or a slew of passive aggressive digs.

At the end of a day, a rapid choice in the moment, or a knee jerk reaction, can lead to very unintended consequences. It’s worth a 60 second pause to let emotions subside and gain clarity.

Once heightened emotions subside, it is easier to be mindful of your words. It is easier to come to a mutual understanding of what happened, stay on point for the issue at hand (rather than other things or things from the past), see possibilities to explain other people’s behaviors, hold space for other people and open the conversation up for a path forward that best meets the needs of the relationship for both parties.

8: “You can’t expect everyone to think like you or do what you would do”

My mum taught me many things, but this one always stayed with me. We once had a year in business where we met a whole slew of people who ended up not being what they presented. The way they responded to situations and handled moments, left much to be desired. However, by remembering this, it enabled me to see the possibilities that could explain their behavior and convert disappointment, and at times, even anger, into understanding and empathy.

Without knowing it, this teaching paved the way to the work I do today at MEvolution. We all have our own way of seeing things, based on our past experiences and our lens to the world. Understanding that, many times, people’s responses can be based on this or a past situation, helps keep the mind open to possibilities and create space for compassion.

9: “To do something, you have to not do something else”

We have an “add” culture. As things pop up, or requests on our time and energy are made, we keep adding to our to-do list. Yet…the hours in the day do not get any longer.

This one is a classic from our Energy Booster workshops, which I use to remind myself, and others, that it is important to not just keep adding, but to make shifts. Look at what you need to do and see what saying yes, or no, to something means. If it is something you need or want to do, what shifts do you have to make to create space?

10: “Your brain is always listening”

Our brain is always listening out…busy writing rules it can use for speedy decision making in the future. This reminds me to be mindful of what I am teaching it. From choices to language, it is important to set your brain up for success.

For example, say I keep telling myself, “I hate conflict”. Then, if there is any conversation that seems like it may be a conflict, my brain may stay clear of it to protect me from the “threat”. This may lead me to not have certain conversations, or address things, which would lead to a better state of being.

So there you have it, 10 of my favorite sayings for a positive and productive state of being. As I looked back on what I wrote, I noticed that it all mostly boiled down to one thing — being conscious of your choices. To make decisions with clarity, conviction and confidence. To look at situations clearly, understand them, and respond in the best way, plays a crucial role in maximizing your energy and capacity.



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